New Window Display

During the current pandemic, the rainbow has been adopted as the universal symbol to show support for, and solidarity with, NHS workers on the front line.

Rainbow Display

With huge thanks to Mary, F.O.LK.’s Chair, for the beautiful and powerful display, and Jean, F.O.LK.’s Treasurer, for putting it up. Why not pass by and see it for yourself if you are out for your daily walk/exercise around the village?

Stay safe.

Ask a Librarian

Suffolk Libraries LogoSuffolk Libraries are today launching a brand new digital Ask a Librarian scheme. So when you need to trust the source and quality of information you are receiving, then look no further than our team of trained, professional librarians! Simply fill in the form at THIS LINK with your query, and we will have an answer direct to your inbox within 3-5 working days! We won’t share your details or use your email other than to answer your query.

Examples of what we can help with:

  • Where can I go for reliable information about the coronavirus?
  • Which local organisations can help me with my health or wellbeing?
  • I’m a parent and need some ideas for entertaining my children.

Become a Suffolk Libraries Supporter

Suffolk Libraries LogoOur libraries may be closed, but our staff are working hard and developing innovative ways to support and engage with people across Suffolk. Did you know that for as little as £25 per year you can become a supporter of Suffolk Libraries?

Click here for further details:

Many thanks and stay safe.

Important Update regarding coronavirus

Crochet Rainbow

Due to the coronavirus situation, Lakenheath Library – along with all Suffolk Libraries branches – is currently closed. This means that all events, such as our weekly Arts & Crafts sessions, our fortnightly Knit and Natter and our monthly Top Time Book Club, are all temporarily suspended. All overdue charges on loans made after 1st February 2020 have been suspended.

But while our buildings may be closed, Suffolk Libraries are still working behind the scenes to provide information, education and entertainment to the public during these unprecedented times.

Click THIS LINK to read Suffolk Libraries’ latest coronavirus update, and to find out how you can access our eLibrary, online events & activities and book and film groups from your home. Suffolk Libraries are currently exploring all manner of avenues for how to keep providing services during the lockdown, and beyond.

On a more local level, you can follow THIS LINK to F.O.LK.’s Facebook page, which has really come alive since our closure, with a slew of daily updates, links, quizzes, craft ideas and conversation pieces to keep you entertained and in the know while you engage from home. Of particular note are the wonderful video tutorials – such as the crochet rainbow pictured above – courtesy of Jean and Zara, who have both been truly fantastic. So why not give them a view and follow along?

Finally, if you are walking through the village as part of your allotted daily exercise allowance, then please take a moment to appreciate Mary and Jean’s lovely Easter window display, which we hope will help to brighten your day.

Stay safe.

More Knitting, More Nattering!

This is an important message to all members of the Lakenheath Library Knit and Natter group:
Following your last meeting I was made aware that you were all very keen to meet more regularly than just once a month. Following our community group meeting on Friday 7th where the suggestion was raised, it has now been decided that the group will meet every FORTNIGHT from now on.
This means that the next meeting will be on Tuesday 18th February from 2:30-4:30 (as this is two weeks from your last session), then again on the 3rd, 17th and 31st March.
Myself, Jean and Mary hope you are all pleased with this change to the schedule and we look forward to seeing you at all the future sessions at Lakenheath Library. 🙂

O Money Tree, O Money Tree…

Christmas Money TreeFind out how “lovely” and how “bravely green” Lakenheath Library’s Money Tree is this Christmas. For just 50p-a-go you have a chance to double your money by choosing one of the envelopes hanging from its branches. All of the envelopes contain cash – but how much…?

All money raised by the Friends of Lakenheath Library from this fundraising endeavour will be spent in Lakenheath Library to make YOUR local library better.

Lakenheath Library is a part of Suffolk Libraries Industrial and Providence Society (IPS); registered charity number XT34476.